One Liners

Self scaling, Self healing

Real time reporting is a contradiction, it’s about how out of date we can get

Don’t solve infrastructure problems in your application

SLA’s can be monitored, and reacted to in message driven code

Why am I doing this ? How will this fail ?

Done, Done, Done – Backward compatible solution in prod, with users using it

High Level Catch Phrases

Make Roles Explicit – Given the the Single Responsibility principle, one thing should have a single responsibility. Make the one thing explicit in code, with the help of Marker Interfaces.

Just Good Enough – Tied up with You Aren’t Going to Need It, we don’t need to gold plate every part of our system.

Incremental Change – Make small changes, testing and releasing frequently.

Evolutionary Design – Modifying the design of a system as it is developed.

Convention over Configuration – Allow people to configure the framework, but if sensible defaults are provided, they probably wont change them.